Weddings Koh Samui: Have Fun Getting Married

Weddings in Koh Samui are getting raves currently because the island offers amazing wedding venues and a relaxing tropical beach vibe that is very romantic. If you are planning to have an island wedding Koh Samui is famous for, you are bound to have a very memorable wedding celebration that’s for sure. Here are some of the things you can look forward to as far as weddings Koh Samui are concerned.

Romantic venues

Koh Samui weddings are among the best in the world for one very big reason. The island is simply spectacular. Tourists can’t get enough of this place because it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Imagine light blue-green waters that are bordered with the finest white sand. The effect is truly magical and is the ideal backdrop while you say “I do”.

Great food at the reception

The island is a den of interesting Thai food. If you want a more interesting reception, serve some of the popular Thai dishes on your reception. Tease your guests’ palate with sea food curry, spring rolls, and a variety of sweets such as Khanom Kareaw—a sweet bread that is intertwined and Khanom Tuay Foo. You can also serve some of your favorites from home so there’s a taste of something familiar as well.

Sweet honeymoon

The best thing about choosing to have one of those weddings Koh Samui has to offer is that you can look forward to a hassle free and romantic honeymoon.

Most Koh Samui wedding packages include a honeymoon package so the newlyweds can enjoy themselves right after the reception.

Because the island has breathtaking beaches and serene scenery, the couple will be able to feel the romance all throughout their stay on the island.

Cheap everything

For those who haven’t gotten the news yet, Koh Samui weddings are cheaper compared to beach weddings anywhere else in the world. On the island, you can have the beautiful wedding of your dreams and honeymoon in style without blowing off all your savings.

Hassle free planning

A typical wedding Koh Samui has to offer is known to be hassle free and smooth sailing. This is because there are really good local wedding planners to choose from. A local wedding consultant is a big help especially for foreigners who cannot attend to every detail of the wedding.

Fragrant flowers

Weddings Koh Samui are made even more beautiful and colorful by fragrant flowers. The island has plenty of lush blooms that will make every bridal bouquet standout. Lotus, liatris, ginger flowers, and Thai tulips are among the most popular choices. Of course, there are the enchanting orchids as well.

Amazing pictures

Also one of the things you can look forward to if you signed up for one of the weddings in Koh Samui are the beautiful wedding pictures. The island has so many stunning sceneries that could make any wedding camera worthy. So you’ll have plenty of souvenirs of your big day, make sure that photo services are included in the Koh Samui wedding packages you will be considering.

Happy guests

Weddings Koh Samui are a lot of fun and are sure to be filled with many wonderful memories. The fun on your wedding will not be limited to you and your beloved. Your guests are sure to have a wonderful time as well. Think about this, if you are from another country, your guests have travelled far and are also looking forward to some holiday. Most of them will surely take the time to bask in the sun, spend most hours on the beach, and pig out on Thai foods. Koh Samui is a good place for your guests to explore. It has so many caves, unspoiled coral reefs, ancient temples, bars, and shops. Everyone will certainly have a great time.

Great value packages

Koh Samui as a wedding venue has so many options for couples. Here, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to fulfill the wedding of your fantasies. To top that, the island is known for many great value wedding packages. The island’s wedding resorts compete with each other to bring the best wedding bundles to all kinds of couples—both locals and foreigners alike. In Koh Samui, you can book for a wedding package that includes everything—the flowers, the cake, the catering services, documentation, and the legal aspects. Couples who wed in Koh Samui are stress free newlyweds. Check this article for more information about Koh Samui wedding resorts that we recommend.

Solemn wedding ceremony

Wedding is a start of every marital journey and here, it doesn’t matter what religion you have. You can have the most solemn, most heartfelt ceremony you have envisioned ever since you have gotten engaged.

Satisfied newlyweds

There is no other place in the world that caters to every couple’s wedding needs than in Koh Samui. The island has some of the world’s most impressive venues, wedding planners, and wedding photographers. Koh Samui is basically a one big wedding hub waiting for you to choose it as your wedding destination. If you do, you will not be disappointed.

Beautiful tropical weddings are precisely the kind of weddings Koh Samui is famous for. Here, realizing the big day of your dreams is a cinch. A reliable wedding service company such as Euro Asia Weddings can ensure that every element concerning your big day shall be taken care of. Lead by a team of professional wedding planners who have been creating the most memorable Thai weddings, the services they offer are top notch. From the music that will be played on your first dance as a couple, to the wedding papers, and the food that will be served to your guests, you won’t have anything to worry about.