LegalJust say a word and we will take care of everything for you – As destination wedding is getting more and more popular these days, as couples would like to have their honeymoon at the same time, hosting countries are giving their full support in providing legal marriage certificate the easiest possible way.

Choosing Koh Samui, Thailand, as your wedding destination will make you feel like jumping in to your dream wedding with a lot of fun, not even getting worried of wedding legalities if you get married with us, because we likewise handle legal marriage services. We know that legal requirements widely vary from different countries, so we have connected our team with reliable legal offices both in Bangkok and on the island’s local registrar to smoothly get hold of your marriage certificate and have it signed on your wedding day.

Euro Asia Weddings will guide you all throughout the process of obtaining your legal marriage certificate. We provide a liaison to begin with; to personally pick you up from your hotel in Bangkok to bring you to your Embassy and to personally appear as required and fill up necessary documents, then you will be headed down to our friendly dedicated to wedding translator to simply affix signatures, the rest will be responsibly handed over to us for final registration, and to FINALLY mail the translated marriage certificate in your country right in front of your door.

We know our craft as we have been doing this for a long period of time, but we remain confident if you check the website of your embassy in Bangkok to find out other requisite papers, check the calendar for your country’s holiday and other changes in their procedure, which they update from time to time.

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