Koh Samui Wedding Venues

We are confident that our line of hand picked Koh Samui wedding venues will exceed your envisioned wedding location. We strongly uphold on to your prime goal in choosing a wedding destination, having a picture hanged on your wall a memory of your wedding day with amazing view that made you superbly happy and lucky that you decided to have had it performed on an island named, Koh Samui, in Thailand.

Vast, pristine sandy beach, lush tropical landscapes, clear and warm water, wide panoramic view plus accents that add to the natural beauty of the island like fisherman’s boat, hammocks hanging between leaning palm trees, dry shells and corals on the beach shore. All these enviably contribute to successfully comply with a truly magical dream beach wedding.

We boast our wedding destinations, leaving its mark in your happy face after your wedding day. We offer Island Beach Wedding, Private Island Wedding and Resort Wedding, which present distinctive tropical qualities. Island Beach Wedding is performed in one of the untouched locations on the island, Taling Ngam, where most of five star hotels sprouted due to the high quality of its surroundings. The family-type place can accommodate more than 100 wedding guests, with enough space to hold a party. Private Island Wedding is a wedding we hold on a neighboring island named Koh Matlang, enclosed with exotic and stunning nature, a place with no enough good words to describe.

Resort Wedding, from our personally chosen resorts on the island, we recommend venue options according to your wedding requirements. We set criteria and visit the resorts to ensure quality of the vicinity, ambience, staff and management service to attend to your sensitive wedding needs.

Whatever your decision is regarding Koh Samui wedding venue we offer, we will not promise but will use our professional skills to grace your wedding day with unforgettable details. More information about wedding in Koh Samui.


The Kala Samui

venue-The Kala SamuiInspired by true nature, The Kala is our pick as one of the most environmental-friendly resorts with a venue that features a majestic backdrop with real isolation and privacy. Whether you would like to opt for a simple setting or an elegant solution for your wedding, The Kala is the venue that caters to every taste and budget that go into making your dream island wedding a reality.






Le Meridien Koh Samui Resort

venue-Le Meridien Koh Samui ResortFor an unforgettable wedding ceremony, Le Méridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa will inspire you with perfect event venue and breathtaking scenic surrounds to suite your desire. Discover Samui’s first ocean pier, a unique venue for private weddings with spectacular views overlooking Lamai Beach and Gulf of Thailand.







Nikki Beach Koh Samui

venue-Nikki Beach Koh SamuiNikki Beach Koh Samui has the overlooking the surrounding only the guests seeking a serene embarking for a memorable for the rest of their lives. Suitable looking to have an extraordinary wedding reception party, Nikki commitment to make unforgettable!







Private “Beach” Wedding

venue-Private Beach WeddingFlooded by natural picturistique view, EuroAsia Weddings’ Private Beach Venue is located on a quiet and tranquil area of Koh Samui. With the turquiose gulf of Thailand as your ultimate tropical backdrop, the seclusion and breathtaking natual beauty is the perfect location for an unforgettabe celebration.
From quaint and casual to over the top sophistication, we’ll design an unforgettable, personalized experience to suit your individual style and budget that’s guaranteed to launch you into matrimonial bliss.




Private Island Wedding

venue-Private Island WeddingFor couple who desires for an utmost privacy and intimacy, EuroAsia Weddings features Koh Matlang Island, an isolated yet well-maintained island located on the easterner side of Koh Samui. Accessible only by a short boat ride from Samui, your private island wedding experience is limited only to your own imagination.