Koh Samui Wedding Resorts for a Memorable Thai Wedding

Weddings are festive event that resonate with romance, love, and hope for a bright future ahead.

People like happy and beautiful weddings, and it is every couple’s desire to make their special day something to remember, not only for them but also for their guests. If you are planning to get married in the tropics, you cannot look for a more romantic venue than in Samui.

Weddings in Koh Samui are currently among the most popular weddings abroad. This is not so surprising as the island has been a host to some of the most beautiful weddings there ever was.


Koh Samui weddings are known for to be memorable because they are beautiful. There are so many Koh Samui wedding resorts to choose from. If you can visit first hand, have a feel of the ambience and imagine the way your photos will look. You’d know if it is the perfect place by just being there. If you are from another country, ask your wedding consultant for photos of the place. The more the better.


Among the considerations is choosing from one of the Koh Samui wedding resorts available is its accessibility. Is it easy to get to? Or will your guests have a hard time locating it? Ideally, it should be easy to find and should be near to the airport especially if you and your guests will be coming from another country.

Most Koh Samui resorts cater to a lot of guests all throughout the year. Unless you will be choosing a private villa for your big day, the venue may not be 100% exclusive. If privacy is very important to you, ask your wedding planner for private venues you can check.



Obviously the price of the venue is a big factor in choosing a place. This should not bother you so much as weddings in Koh Samui are considered to be cheaper than weddings held in other high profile destinations.


How intimate or grand your dream wedding is will determine your options when it comes to Koh Samui wedding resorts. Bigger Koh Samui weddings will need more space. Ask your wedding consultant for available venues available that are suitable for your guest list. An important tip: if you want an entire venue to be exclusive, be sure to book early.


Even if you are not a local, you may have a good idea about the service of a specific wedding resort by reading what their guests say about them. Online folks also have plenty of things to say when it comes to wedding venues. If a place is good, you’ll know about it because everyone will be raving about it. If it is the opposite, you’ll know it too. Do your homework, do some browsing online, and have a rough list of the venues you like.

The Date/Availability

Depending on your chosen wedding date, the available venues could be limited. If your wedding date can still be changed or you haven’t chosen yet, it is highly advisable that you avoid the tourist months when the island is jammed packed with vacationers. Chances are it will be challenging to book venues around this time. Also, if you really want a sunny wedding, then avoid the rainy months to be on the safe side.


Aside from the venue of the ceremony, another factor in selecting among Koh Samui wedding resorts is the available accommodation. If you have plenty of guests coming from other countries, you have to make sure that they’d have a place to stay as well. Choose a resort with a variety of options when it comes to accommodations. This is important if your guests will be extending their stay for a short holiday on the island.


Weddings in Koh Samui are popular among people from other countries because they are venues for cultural immersion and trying out something new. Every wedding reception has food involved. In choosing among Koh Samui wedding resorts for your dream day, be sure to check their menu and try some of their specialties. The food in your reception is not a detail you should not pay too much attention to. Guests ALWAYS remember good food.


Every wedding venue has wedding packages prepared for the couples who would be prospective clients. The choice would depend on your preferences and budget mostly. The good thing about getting married on the island is that the wedding packages are highly varied and most of them are flexible.

The Beach

The reason why you might have chosen the island as your wedding destination is mainly because you want a beach wedding. So in choosing your wedding resort, be sure you are happy with the beach scene. Remember, you will walk down the aisle facing the beach and your photos will include snap shots of the water and the shore. For the perfect wedding, be sure that the beach is picture perfect too. Luckily, the island of Samui never runs out of picture perfect beaches. From the tranquil waters of Lipa Noi, to the scenic views of Buddha Beach, and the peaceful white sand beaches in Chaweng, you have several amazing beaches to check. For more information about Koh Samui weddings, please visit our homepage.