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Why in Thailand?

Amazing Thailand

The Kingdom has a lot to offer beginning with its celebrated geographic diversity – from the mountains to the beaches and everything in between, Thailand offers locations few other countries can in one convenient package. Its sophisticated tourism product, its state-of-the-art infrastructure ensure no matter which corner of Thailand you choose for your celebration, you can expect and get the best. The tagline for the country – Amazing Thailand – could not be truer, it constantly amazes from its Buddhist temples, heritage experiences, exotic wildlife and spectacular cuisine to its sun-soaked islands, its amazing spas and top-of-the-line hotels and restaurants. Thailand is the quintessential dream destination for a holiday, a wedding, a honeymoon or an adventure. No matter what you ask of this destination it delivers. Its entrepreneurs and hoteliers constantly re-invent, adding value to their products to create a unique experience for every tourist, making sure that each encounter with Thailand is an experience. Add to that the very human quotient of its people and the legendary Thai hospitality that is on offer. And of course the Thai smile which outlines and underlines each encounter. Not for nothing is this land called the Land of Smiles. Smiles that are genuine, welcoming and friendly.

Value for money

The rates of hotels in Thailand are 30-60% less expensive in general when you compare similar categories in India. The standard of hotels is probably the finest in the entire world. Food and drinks are also 30-60% less costly, and plane tickets to Bangkok are just a bit more or in many cases exactly the same price compared to domestic flights in India. All these signify that in Thailand, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck.


bangkokBangkok – „the City of Angels“ features both old charm and modern convenience. Elegant surroundings, divine food and luxurious accommodations make the wedding to be a treasured experience.

Hua-HinHua Hin – retains its quaint personality; the idyllic backdrop of white sands and the clear blue sea on one side and a delightful blend of cultural and natural attractions along the coast.

PhuketPhuket – „the Pearl of Andaman“ has been considered as a top travel destination in Asia. Currently it has become the dream location for couples all around the World as a memorable and unforgettable destination for their wedding and honeymoon in Thailand.

KrabiKrabi – the dramatic coastal scenery and isolated surroundings create the perfect setting for secluded romance. Wedding vows can be taken in a sunset beach wedding with the colours of the sky reflected in the sea.

SamuiKoh Samui
– vast, pristine sandy beach, lush tropical landscapes, clear warm water, wide panoramic view of the natural beauty of a paradise island. All these enviably contribute to successfully comply with a truly magical dream beach wedding


Why with EuroAsia Weddings?

Our Services

  • EuroAsia Weddings give full-service Indian Destination Weddings, providing a complete solution from planning to accomplishment. Our extensive wedding services are inclusive of wedding planning, full legal services which is internaitonally recognized, a wide range of pre and post wedding activities, and all in the most competitive price you can think of.
  • We provide full wedding packages from pick up to drop off, including, but not limited to theme weddings, event coordination, venue selection, transportation, accommodation, decoration and fabrication of structures, make up & hair style, mehendi, catering and filming of events. This guarantees a hassle-free wedding experience for the bride, groom and their families.
  • Our team consists of both Thai, Indian and European personnel with many years experience in organizing international weddings in Thailand.
  • All our hand-picked venues are luxurious and vibrant with a tropical touch which we believe is one of the most essential factors in organizing the most spirited destination wedding you could imagine. Over and above the finest hotels on the lowest price with us.
  • The tradition, culture, symbolism and religion play a huge part in the ceremonies of marriage. It’s not only about bride and groom but it means involving with family, friends and the whole community. So, in respect of this fact instead of proposing a sample wedding package, we prefer to tailor make each and every wedding based on the actual inspiration of the couple and their immediate family.
  • We believe that every wedding is different and we bring a fresh, modern perspective to traditional weddings to ensure that your wedding day is flawlessly yous.

„Name your wedding dreams and we will fulfill it with willingness for you.“


  • Flowers & Decorations
  • Music & Entertainments
  • Mehendi, Make up & Hair style
  • Photograpy & Filming
  • Catering & Wedding cake
  • Legal Wedding arrangements


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