Guide to Koh Samui Wedding Venues: Say Yes to the Best Wedding Location

There’s the theme, the wedding dress, the music, wedding cake, so on and so forth. There are also the flowers, the invitations, souvenirs, food, and the honeymoon. Perhaps the most important consideration in every wedding is the location. This will determine all the other elements. For couples who are eyeing the island of Samui as a wedding destination, here are some pointers in choosing
among the Koh Samui wedding venues available.

The Date

Because of its idyllic beauty and inviting weather, more and more couples are signing up for Koh Samui weddings. Ideally, you should be able to have a specific date a few days after you got engage. This will give you more time to plan for the wedding and look for the best location that will suit your preferences. The nearer the date, the more challenging it would be to look for satisfactory Koh Samui wedding venues as chances are they have been already booked. The rule of the thumb is to plan early and look for wedding venues Koh Samui has to offer months in advanced. The most ideal months to get married in Samui is from November to February—its driest months. During this period, it is not too hot nor too cold and the chances that it will rain is very small. December to January is tourist pick season though so if you picked a date around this time, be very sure to book early.

The Honeymoon

Another consideration in picking Koh Samui wedding venues is the honeymoon. Ideally, the wedding venue and the honeymoon are one and the same. This is better especially if the couple wants to be able to celebrate on their own without having to travel after the reception. Actually, most wedding resorts have impressive wedding suites and very romantic ambience that is suited for both the wedding and the honeymoon. If the couple wants more privacy however, booking a separate venue like an intimate private villa is a better option.

The Guests

The number of guests is a huge factor in choosing a venue for Koh Samui weddings. If you want an intimate wedding, say a small size wedding where it’s just family, you don’t need a big space. However if it is a grand wedding you have in mind, you need a more elaborate venue. Because it is a wedding capital in Asia, Koh Samui boasts plenty of venues that can handle all kinds of weddings—big or small. Couples can choose to get married in a private property or a wedding resort. It does not matter as most Koh Samui wedding venues are flexible and workable.

The Theme

More and more people get married on the island and while it is natural to think that all couples prefer a beach wedding, others prefer a simple chapel wedding in a confined shaded area. Both are very different and have their own advantages. A confined wedding venue is easier to work with, meaning the lights and sounds are consistent and you don’t have the outside elements to battle with.

A beach wedding on the other hand is considerably a more enchanting experience, as you have the blue waters
and the scenery as backdrop.

However, a beach wedding requires even more planning as you have the weather conditions to consider. The choice is a matter of preference. If you’re a perfectionist and you want everything to be absolutely perfect and as planned, choose a confined, shaded wedding venue. If you want a bit of unpredictability and the scenery is very important for you, then you can decide to get married on the beach—with the elements in synergy. If you are looking for more customizable Koh samui wedding packages? Read this!

The Bottom Line

The wedding venues Koh Samui has to offer differ in size, the quality of the scenery, and amenities. They also come in a variety of prices. If you want a simple venue and you only have very limited guests, you won’t need to spend so much since you have plenty of options on your fingertips. However, if you have a grand wedding in mind, you might need to allot more budget for the venue. Don’t worry though as Koh Samui has less pricey venues compared to other wedding destinations in the world.

The Schedule

For locals, planning for a wedding is a lot easier since they know how to get around the island and will be able to plan on their own especially if a family member has done it before. For foreigners, planning might be more challenging. For those who cannot be on the island to attend to every aspect of planning for the big day, it is highly recommended to look for a venue with a wedding planning team. This will make the whole process easier and less stressful especially if you don’t have a lot of time to put everything together.

The Scenery

The reason why people get married in Koh Samui aside from the weather, is the scenery. The island is abundant in picturesque views that guests will never get enough of. As long as you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, be sure to head to the beach first hand and see if the ambience is right for you. Remember, you only get married once so your wedding must yield postcard worthy photos to show to your grandkids in the future.

The wedding location is at the heart of every wedding planning. The place where you choose to say your vows will determine the rest of the elements to make your dream wedding come true. Planning ahead of time is the best advice in choosing for a location. Keep in mind that the nearer the date of the big day means it is harder to book for Koh Samui wedding venues. If you don’t feel like stressing, remember to book early.