All Those Good Things: Guide to Koh Samui Wedding Packages

Not to mention considering who’s coming and who’s not. If you have chosen to get married in Koh Samui, rest assured that your wedding will be camera worthy so that’s one thing you can scratch off your list of things to worry about. Because it is an idyllic location, Koh Samui weddings always end up as beautiful weddings. The good thing about getting married on the island is that it is a wedding capital. It is practically groomed and developed to handle weddings and honeymoons. The good news is that if you decide to tie the knot here, you won’t run out of options. The same is true for Koh Samui wedding packages. There is one perfect package for every couple. The only thing left to do is find it. Here are some helpful guidelines to help you decide on what Koh Samui weddings packages to pick.

Talk to someone who recently got married in Samui.

The best way to find which among the Koh Samui wedding packages you should pick is to talk to someone who got married on the island as well. If you know friends or relatives who tied the knot on the island or perhaps if you have attended Koh Samui weddings in the past and you were impressed, arrange a meeting with the couple so you have an idea. Another good way to get info about good wedding packages is to ask people in wedding forums. These people are more than willing to help. Chances are you’d be able to bump onto valuable information you can use later on.

Do your homework.

If you are just thinking about getting married or have recently gotten engaged, the best place to find out more about Koh Samui wedding venues and packages is online. Most wedding resorts and wedding planners on the island have their own website. Do some reading first so you’ll have the slightest idea before you set an appointment with a wedding planner or sign up for a venue. It never hurts to know all possible options. That way, you know how to go about it when you are farther in the planning stage. Ask for quotes, browse wedding sites, and if possible, survey possible wedding venues first hand.

Know that you have three wedding options in Samui.

A western style wedding is known for its simple ceremony and grandeur when it comes to style. Tourists who are attracted to the beauty of the island can choose to have a western style wedding if they want to. An orthodox wedding has a familiar feel and is the comfort zone of non-Buddhist couples. However, the island also conducts a traditional Thai wedding. This kind of marital ceremony is not exclusive to Buddhists. This is the beauty of getting married in Koh Samui.

You can have the kind of Western wedding you have always dreamed about or opt to have a Buddhist wedding
to try something new.

For those who want the best of both worlds, you may choose to have both. You can choose among the Koh Samui wedding packages that offer both ceremonies if you like the idea of having two weddings.

Set a budget.

Choosing among different Koh Samui wedding packages can be overwhelming if you don’t set any guidelines. A good set point is a clear budget. This will make planning easier and avoid expense issues later on. The budget will also make it easier for the wedding planner to determine which packages to suggest to you.

Know exactly what is included in the package.

In other words, read the fine print. If a wedding package sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure you have all your facts right. Know exactly what comes with the package. Is the venue included? Does it include photography services? Does it include insurance? It’s better be too clear than be sorry later on.

Don’t forget the honeymoon.

Since you are eyeing Samui as a wedding venue, it is entirely possible that the wedding packages you will be considering include a honeymoon package. If so, then that’s great as you won’t have to worry about that too. If you’re not sure, ask your wedding planner if it is included.

Find a wedding planner that has been in the business for years.

From Koh Samui wedding venues to the best caterers in town, it is the wedding planner that will be your biggest asset in planning for your big day. Foreigners who may not be able to fly to the island at once can benefit from a reliable wedding planner. It is great if you want to be as involved in the planning as you would like. However, when you are bidding for time and you don’t have a clue about the island, the need for a wedding planner cannot be stressed enough.

Make your wedding a Euro Asia Wedding.

Euro Asia weddings are known to be among the best on the island. The company has been making dream weddings come true for years. For couples who won’t be able to do everything first hand, you need a reliable wedding team that can handle the pressure and stress of creating the perfect wedding. With a number of different Koh Samui wedding packages to choose from, planning for the big day will not be as stressful as you thought it might be. From handpicked weddings Koh Samui venue to beautiful pictures you’ll be so proud to show your friends back home, each aspect of your big day will be planned to perfection. Even the music will be carefully laid out so that the celebration will be to your liking. You and your guests will be impressed. Have fun getting married in Thailand.